Published Fiction and Non-Fiction

13 Moons (Published June 2014 by Fixi Novo)


My debut short story collection of horror and weird fiction. Available from MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular, Borders and most bookshops in Malaysia.

Also available as an ebook from Google Play. Click here for a free sample.
Office workers discover the gruesome secret behind the puppets used as workplace décor. A man tries to help the ghost of a murdered child haunting a playground. An abandoned well and a banana tree in a village garden conceal a decades-old crime. A couple struggles to keep their family together when their son becomes a zombie. And a nightclub with a supernatural door policy — depending on when you choose to go.
These stories reveal the darkness that threatens to seep through the veneer of day-to-day life

As editor:


The Little Basket 2016: New Malaysian Writing

Editors: Catalina Rembuyan, Lee Ee Leen, Ted Mahsun, Tshiung Han See

Little Basket 2016 is the first of a planned annual literary journal of new Malaysian writing. Unlike similar journals in other countries, is it produced with zero government or corporate funding. Each issue will have a print run of 3,000 and won’t be reprinted. Aside from sales at selected bookshops in Malaysia, it will also be distributed at international bookfairs such as London and Frankfurt.

“…Because this is a journal with a limited print run, and specifically focused on Malaysian writing (in English), I doubt that this is something people will just be able to pick up and read. Basically, this review is to say that if you suddenly HAVE a chance to read this collection, you should. It’s delightfully different.” Meytal Radzinkski @Biblio


KL Noir : Blue (released April 2014)


KL Noir returns and the third time’s a charm with this selection of 15 stories about law and disorder in the metropolis. Direct from the recesses of the city lurk tales of murder, suicide, rival gangs, robbers and sleaze, mixed in with dystopian visions, black magic and the occasional decomposed corpse. Plunge deep into the underworld where the guilty and innocent rest in peaces.

“…All the writers featured here are not to be belittled for the time and effort they spent carefully crafting their stories, especially considering they had guts to showcase their pieces for mass consumption.” Derek Ect for The Daily Seni, July 2015

Published Short Fiction

Science fiction:

“Forsakers” in HEAT, released April 2016


“Slow Creep””published in Esquire Malaysia (October 2014)

Slow Creep
Slow Creep

“Yamada’s Armada” published in  Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction  ( March 2014)


Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, edited by Dominica Malcolm, was a finalist for Best Anthology in the 2014 Aurealis Awards for Australian speculative fiction writers and editors.

In an anthology that spans from India in the west to Hawai‛i in the east, and as far south as Australia and New Zealand, 24 authors bring you an exciting range of tales set in the past, present, and future.

“Jaguar Tracks” in  Esquire  magazine (November 2011, Malaysian edition). Flash fiction with sci-fi overtones. An actor’s crusade to save jaguars from extinction does not have the requisite movie happy-ending. (Click on the link to read PDF)

“Future Gardens” published in FUTURA , a six-story Malaysian science fiction collection (June 2013).

With Fixi Novo:

“Oil On Canvas” published in Love in Penang (Fixi Novo, November 2013)

“Red Balloons” read by Patrick Teoh, for #RadioRasuk — BFM’s Halloween series of horror short stories. Listen to “Red Balloons” here.

“Oracle of Truth” in KL Noir (published February 2013). According to this review by , it’s an ‘unfortunate’ tale of a fortune teller who has the bad luck to have a nasty run-in with the local triad.

KL Noir
KL Noir


“Ninja Wings” in Esquire Malaysia (December 2012)

Singaporean and UK publishers:

“Aqua Subculture” is reprinted in The The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, volume 11 (November 2012)



‘Lead Balloon’ in The Best of Singapore Crime Fiction  (2010 Monsoon Publishing, Singapore)

‘Aqua-Subculture’ in The Best of Southeast Asian Erotica  (2010 Monsoon Publishing) and Best of Asian Erotica 1  (2011 Monsoon Publishing)


Other Malaysian publishers:

“Artificial Rock Aquarium” in Readings from Readings, volume 2 (November 2012). An androgynous girl ends up as the lead singer for a Kuala Lumpur U2 tribute band.

“Scenes From the Shopping Complex” in Urban Odysseys  (2008, MPH)


‘Northern Tide, Northern Time’ in Sini:Sana: Travels In Malaysia  ( 2011 MPH Publishing)



Shortlisted for the 2009 MPH-Alliance Bank National Short Story Award
for her story, ‘The Englishman at Table 19’.

“Amplitude” won the 2011 Selangor Young Talent Award (SEYTA) for Best Creative Writing in English.

My ten minute play, “Triple-Squared” was shortlisted for Short+Sweet Malaysia 2010 (Theatre Playwright Award)

Published Flash Fiction in Newspapers

‘A Tall Fence Story’ published in The Selangor Times  (28th January 2011)

‘Amplitude’ published in The Selangor Times  (5th August 2011)

‘Vinyl Salute’ published in The Star (February 19th 2012)

Film Reviews

Reviewed ‘Carnival of Souls’ and ‘Requiem For A Dream’ for The Directory of World Cinema: American Independent.  Available from Intellect UK.

Reviewed ‘Shakespeare In Love’ and ‘Naked’ for the future volume of the Directory of World Cinema: British Cinema (Intellect UK). Released in June 2012


Co-ordinator and reviewer for Canadian speculative short fiction website The Portal

The Rough Guide to Malaysian Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Magical Roots of Malaysian Horror Fiction in English

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