About Me

Notice that ‘words’ is an anagram of ‘sword?

I was born in the year and birthplace of punk. It may help explain a lot of things…

Like: My guitar-playing technique

My violin-playing (I prefer pizzicato to drawing the bow back and forth)

And my DIY approach to many aesthetics – make-up, interior decoration etc…

I write because I’ve discovered if I don’t do it, I become seriously ill.

I wanted to be a doctor. More specifically, a trauma surgeon or a oncologist. It was either blood, bone fragments and guts or lab coats, microscopes and test-tubes.

I didn’t become a doctor because my Maths was too piss-poor to qualify for Science subjects.

I get very irritated when people express surprise at my in-depth scientific knowledge. I never believed in the science vs.art division. Everyone is a polymath in their own way.

My teachers loved reading out my compositions or asked me to read out to the rest of the class. I used to hate it because it meant that I wouldn’t get taught.

My first work of fiction was also my first film review. See this post for more details.

My first published short story was written in an hour.

People ask me when I’m writing my first novel. The truth is that I’ve already written 2 novels, and these are considered dress rehearsals while I get better.

My last attempt at Nanowrimo resulted in an unfinished sci-fi novel. It is currently unfinished because I enjoyed the research a bit too much. See this post for more details.

‘Paper or computer?’ Neither. I prefer writing in the sand with a piece of driftwood on the beach. It is Nature’s Etch-A-Sketch.

I’ll never tell off a child  for daydreaming.

However, I’ll seriously reprimand a child for not having an imagination.

People always comment on my fair skin. It is nothing to envy because it is not  practical to look like Morticia Adams and live in the tropics . Yet, having Morticia Adams’ skintone does make my Halloween make-up very easy.

I have not become mellower with age – my thresholds have increased.

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