Writing Is Not Like Running


Jung was right about a collective unconscious. You see it in action in numerous car advertisements when copywriters use words that pertain to flight or flying. Everyone knows that cars cannot technically fly (not yet…) but the yearning is palpable. We want to feel like flying as we drive. The archaic remnants of a dream since Icarus flew too close to the sun without a parachute and Amber Solaire.

Running and writing is another widespread pairing of two unlikely activities. Haruki Murakami writes about marathon-running in his 2007 memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running and makes the observation, “Most of what I know about writing fiction I learned by running every day.”

Comparisons, observations and ruminations on craft are useful when trying to communicate how easy/difficult it is, but I find it strange to compare writing to other activities. Only because writing is like writing and nothing compares to it.

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