Large variety of bacteria cultured in laboratory Petri dishes.

The occurence of cliques as inevitable as a termite infestation in a wooden lounge suite. It happens. But shh! You’re not supposed to mention it…in that case I’ll say this instead – “shh-it happens..”

I never minded cliques and to paraphrase Groucho Marx; I wouldn’t want to join a clique that’d have me as a member. Cliques may be introverted and exclusive but at least they keep themselves to themselves. What I do mind are factions.

Little upstart cancerous groups within groups. But wait, didn’t groups used to be factions before they broke away? Not really – groups or individuals that break away from the main group and remain small and insignificant should be called fractions. They fritter themselves away because the dynamics remain the same.

If you or like-minded members have to break away ¬†from a larger group at least have the chutzpah to commence a fantastic new solo career or the formation of a new supergroup. To remain embedded and dissentious as members of a larger body is not constructive. It’s hard to break away so it’s easier to stay put and complain.

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