Why I Write Science-Fiction


Snobbery is invariable. Food is not immune to it – look at wine-tasting, cigar-smoking, and gastro-gourmets. Alas, snobbery afflicts the realm of letters.

Does this snobbery lead back to those early formative years, when you did not want to be seen hanging around with a certain group of people? Or by extension, reading a certain genre? I’ve encountered resistance to science-fiction in media forms and most of it has the same ring of, ‘SF is for nerds/geeks/weirdos’, and from female readers, some say that SF is for males by males. Apparently, the SF by ladies is full of feminist diatribe. Perhaps I don’t blame all the eye-rolling I get when I say that I’m writing science-fiction.

I know there is appalling SF, but awfulness exists in every genre. Don’t let the few ruin the multitude. For every shining example there are a million rip-offs, but white dwarfs, black holes, nebulas and dying red giants are part of the grand scheme too. As a genre, SF is infinitely expansive so there’ll always be room.

5 thoughts on “Why I Write Science-Fiction

  1. you know…. i have trouble getting into sci fi by chicks. it’s just different.
    i don’t know about you but, ever since i started reading fantasy and sci-fi i can’t even read regular mmodern fiction anymore…. i have this “meh- what’s the point, why don’t i just watch tv?” feeling…. still good with historical fiction though.

  2. Hi,

    I’m more a watcher of Sci Fi than reader of: Red Dwarf etc., the more whacky the better. Though I loved the animated Final Fantasy and it didn’t do well at all at the box office!

    That said, there are loads of fantasy writers within “our network”, a lot posting to blogfests!😉 Check some of them out as featured in recent weather blogfest: see my blog.


  3. Tanith Lee and Ursula K.Le Guin. That’s the names you can throw in the teeth of misogynist sci-fi fans. I’m not a hard SF fan (that’s why I love those ladies) and have written more science-fantasy than sci-fi in the past, but some day I want to rewrite those two or three novels set in the future… but then, my idea of sci-fi is Star Wars and Star Trek, so you’ll know what to expect! Unfortunately I’m not very good with science and technology…!😦

  4. I also might add Melissa Snodgrass, who wrote for Star Trek: Next Generation, Jane Espenson who wrote for Firefly and was exec producer for Battlestar Galactica/ Caprica and is now a writer for Torchwood. She also worked on Dollhouse. Helen Raynor has written for Dr Who and Torchwood. So, if you’ve watched any SF TV in the last 20 years, you’ve watched something created or co-created by a woman.
    Also agreed Tanish Lee and Ursula K LeGuin rock. As does Anne McCaffrey.

  5. LIke you say, there is good and bad in all genres. I used to read much more scifi when I was in my teen years, but I still enjoy it. It try to mix up my reading with many styles of fiction and then about 50% nonfiction. Don’t want to be stuck in any one genre to keep things interesting. As long as the scifi is good writing and interesting thinking it doesn’t matter who writes it.

    Tossing It Out

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